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Discover how to clean up your company operations with efficient ERP and AI systems.

Don’t just take it from me

Experience matters

I lead teams to scale company operations efficiently. You don’t get Epicor Consultants or Resellers that consider you just another deliverable. You get a techno-functional expert partner that can build the solution you’re currently using from scratch, custom to your needs.

ROI & Data Driven

The AI dashboards that I create typically lead to 20% in bottom line cost savings for my clients. Actionable data presented intelligently creates unmatched efficiency.​

KISS Method​

I believe in the “Keep It Simple Stupid” methodology. Known as Occam’s Razor, experience has shown me that the simplest solution is often the most effective.​

Global Scale​

I have worked with the largest and most multi-faceted Epicor implementations for multi-national, multi-site, multi-currency organizations.​

Happy customers

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My process

I optimize companies by automating and customizing their Epicor system for their unique needs. Epicor Consultants show you where the buttons are, I make Epicor press the buttons for you. I have a process refined over my many years of experience, that focused on bending Epicor to the will of the company instead of the other way around. By identifying points of weakness, growth, and possible future issues, I typically find 7 figures in net gain for my clients through this process.

We get on a call to align on the unique needs of your organization, focusing on the whole organization and identify if there is any low hanging fruit.

Using my custom built, proprietary auditing platform I do a deep dive into the back-end of your ERP finding the core issues, interview SMEs, and develop a insightful and actionable audit.

You review a detailed outline of suggested projects and help select the final project list that I then develop into an implementation plan.

I execute the project plan beginning to end with minimal required involvement.

I train the Epicor SMEs on how to keep the system running smoothly, tapering off dependence on me for support. Leaving behind a well-oiled machine.

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