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Epicor ERP System Integration Services by Yoram Kochavy

Epicor Integration Services

Are you looking to leverage the full potential of your Epicor ERP system to drive your business forward?

As an experienced, independent Epicor consultant, I provide comprehensive Epicor Integration Services designed to align your ERP system seamlessly with your existing business processes, Epicor add-ons, and third-party software.

The world of business today is interconnected and complex.

 An efficient ERP system that communicates seamlessly with all elements of your business environment is no longer a luxury but a necessity. My services are aimed at optimizing the connectivity of your Epicor system, streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and ultimately propelling your business towards its strategic goals.

My Epicor Integration Services encompass the following areas:

System Assessment

I thoroughly evaluate your current Epicor ERP system, infrastructure, and business processes to identify areas of potential integration or enhancement.

Integration Design and Implementation

Based on the assessment, I design a tailor-made integration strategy that fits your unique business requirements. I ensure the smooth implementation of this strategy with minimal disruption to your existing operations.


Your business is unique and your ERP system should reflect that. I provide customizations to your Epicor ERP, integrating it seamlessly with other business software like CRM, HRM, and SCM, while ensuring all elements function in harmony.

Training and Support

I offer comprehensive training to your team to ensure they are well-versed with the integrated Epicor system. I also provide ongoing support to help you navigate any challenges that may arise post-integration.

Data Migration and Management

I handle secure data migration from your existing systems to the integrated Epicor system and ensure optimal data management for better decision-making and regulatory compliance.

My Epicor Integration include but not limited to:

Epicor-Shopify Integration

Experience seamless two-way integration between Epicor and Shopify. Automatic Sales Order creation in Epicor when orders are placed on Shopify, Inventory updates on Shopify reflecting changes in Epicor, and real-time Order status updates on both platforms.

Epicor-Salesforce Integration

Harness the power of RestAPI to achieve efficient two-way integration between Epicor and Salesforce. This includes synchronization of customer details, orders, balances, and inventory.

Epicor-Amazon Web Services Integration

Enhance your cloud capabilities with two-way integration between Epicor and Amazon Web Services. This integration covers XML processing, order and shipment tracking, fulfillment acknowledgments, and handling cancellations.

Epicor-Concur Integration

Streamline your accounts payable, purchase order processing, travel & expense management, and credit card reconciliation processes with two-way integration between Epicor and Concur.

The benefits of my Epicor Integration Services

The benefits of my Epicor Integration Services are manifold, from enhanced operational efficiency, better data visibility, to improved decision-making capabilities. But most importantly, my services are aimed at giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your ERP system is working seamlessly with all the other components of your business, driving growth and profitability.

As an independent consultant, my commitment is solely to your business success. I bring to the table years of experience, industry-specific knowledge, and a deep understanding of the Epicor ERP system. I value the trust you place in me and strive to offer services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your Epicor ERP system and drive your business towards new heights of success with my comprehensive Epicor Integration Services. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards a seamlessly integrated, high-performing business environment.

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About me

With 15 years in Epicor consulting, I’ve overseen 100+ implementations and was a pivotal force behind Epicor Enterprise’s design. As an independent Epicor consultant, I specialize in intricate projects involving automation, integration, and customization. Recognized for my innovative approaches, I consistently identify revenue recovery opportunities, with clients often seeing a 20% annual increase.

My depth spans both technical and functional facets of Epicor implementations, from BPMs, BAQs, to SSRS Reports and much more. As the Chief Architect for Epicor Enterprise, my mission post-Epicor is ensuring clients attain the highest ROI from their ERP systems. Your challenges are my expertise; my services aren’t just a cost – they’re an investment.

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