Maximizing On-Hand Cash By Extending Supplier Purchase Terms in Epicor

Maximizing On-Hand Cash By Extending Supplier Purchase Terms in Epicor

A key to a company’s success often comes down to maintaining a healthy cash flow. Organizations continually seek innovative strategies to increase their on-hand cash to navigate through challenging economic landscapes efficiently. One common and effective strategy is optimizing payment terms with suppliers, by extending the time in which you have to pay back your suppliers. This approach helps improve cash flow and allows for more purchasing freedom. As an Epicor consultant specializing in custom tools, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact of effectively managing and tracking changes in purchase terms on both the finance and purchasing departments of a business.

Understanding the Challenge of Payment Terms Optimization

Optimizing payment terms with suppliers is a strategic move aimed at improving cash flow. However, it presents a complex challenge: effectively monitoring and extending the payment timelines without disrupting supplier relationships as well as tracking the effectivity of the initiative as no two suppliers effect cash flow in the same way. In addition suppliers might not agree to extend their purchase terms but the same length of time and that is. It requires a robust system that can not only handle these variables but also present them in an easily digestible format for timely decision-making.

The Solution:
A Customized Epicor Dashboard for Payment Term Management

Epicor’s ERP system is renowned for its high degree of customization and flexibility. This allows for the development of highly specialized tools that can Integrate Seamlessly, Provide Real-Time Data, and Automate Processes. The ultimate solution to this challenge is creating a custom-built dynamic dashboard in Epicor, designed to offer a comprehensive overview of payment term trends and their impacts on cash flow as well as the progress of the initiative. This dashboard is not merely a tool for data collection but a strategic asset for the CFO providing:

  • Trend Insights: Detailed analysis of payment term trends to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Supplier Evaluation: Metrics on supplier performance in adhering to payment terms, informing negotiations and selections.
  • Impact Visualization: Clear representation of how changes in payment terms affect both finance and purchasing objectives, aligning them towards common financial targets.
  • Strategic Decisions: Empowering decision-makers with actionable insights for refining supplier terms and enhancing buyer performance.

Empowering Success with Epicor

Incorporating custom Epicor tools into your payment terms optimization initiative not only enhances the ability to track and measure success but also provides a foundation for sustainable financial improvement. As an Epicor consultant, I am committed to designing and implementing these tailor-made solutions, ensuring they perfectly fit your unique business requirements. Together, we can transform the challenge of managing purchase terms into a strategic advantage, paving the way for enhanced liquidity, improved supplier relationships, and a stronger bottom line.